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Anti Slip Flooring

Anti Slip Flooring is an ideal solution for hazardous areas such as walkways, steps and platforms. Extra hard grit granules are long-lasting plus the flooring can be quickly installed and is maintenance free.

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Highly durable Anti Slip GRP sheets and profiles. Capable of being retrofitted to all types of walkway surface.

Our anti slip flooring products are durable and long lasting, providing high levels of slip resistance. Impervious to most environmental conditions, suitable for both internal and external use in and around the workplace and public spaces.

Made from premium quality composite materials, anti slip sheets provide high levels of slip resistance and will reduce or completely remove hazardous slippery conditions; improve the safety of personnel, the public and reduce the likelihood of unnecessary accidents, injuries and potential insurance claims.

It is developed to comply with relevant safety standards and regulations, with some types designed specifically to help meet the requirements of Equality Act legislation.

What are non slip flooring sheets made of?

All types of our GRP flooring sheets are made from a composite of Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) substrates & polyester resins. Incorporated into the surface structure are granules of refined aluminium oxide which provide their unique characteristics of extended durability & high levels of slip resistance.

Typical installation scenarios for anti slip flooring include:

WHY EVERGRIP Anti Slip Flooring?

  • Refined, extra-hard aluminium oxide granules give superior performance and wear characteristic compared to common quartz grit finishes
  • Choice of grit grade:
  • Barefoot: grade 40, Extra-fine
  • Pedestrian: grade 24, Fine
  • Industrial: grade 16, Medium/coarse
  • Offshore: grade 12, Extra coarse
  • Rapid & easy installation, little to no downtime
  • Full range of RAL and BS colours available to order
  • Outlasts anti slip tapes, floor paints and coatings
  • Little or no maintenance requirement, easy to clean
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, full details available
  • Equality Act compliant products available
  • Conforms to UK Building Regulations
  • Full range of fasteners and adhesives available
  • Free cutting service*

*Subject to order type and size

Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply, please contact us for further information.

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Anti Slip Flooring PRODUCTS

Click a product below for more information:

Low Profile Anti-Slip GRP Flat Sheet Flooring

Highly effective, hard wearing low profile non-slip GRP sheet, just 2mm thick.

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Anti-Slip GRP Low Profile Cleats

Highly effective, hard wearing low profile GRP sheet, just 2mm thick.

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Standard Thickness Anti-Slip GRP Flat Sheet Flooring

Our standard thickness anti-slip safety surface, 4mm thick.

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Extra Thickness GRP Flat Sheet Flooring

The Extra Thickness GRP flat sheet is an impact resistant anti-slip flooring solution. 6mm Thick.

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Anti-Slip GRP Stair Nosing

Anti-slip GRP stair nosing covers are specifically designed to reduce the risk of slipping on step edges.

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Anti-Slip GRP Stair Tread Cover & Landing Cover

Designed specifically to reduce the risk of slipping on steps, stairways and landings.

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Stair Tread Cover with Perma-Contrast Nose

The GRP 6mm Anti-slip Stair Tread Cover with Perma-Contrast coloured nose ian impact resistant anti-slip flooring solution, suitable for foot & light wheeled traffic

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Ladder Rung Covers

Anti-slip GRP ladder rung covers for non-slip safer ladders.

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Anti-Slip GRP Decking Strips

Add grip to wooden decking with our premium GRP Decking Strips.

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