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GRP Handrails Systems

Choice of industrial grade GRP Handrail systems. Durable, cost-effective and maintenance free.

Suitable for all industrial and commercial environments, fibreglass handrails are used for stairways, walkway & platform handrails and for guarding around machinery. The systems are designed to comply with all relevant standards and provide a versatile, cost-effective alternative to metal rails.

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About GRP Handrails

Here at Evergrip, our fibreglass handrails are a cost effective and long lasting alternative to metal rails. They are both ergonomic and specially designed to meet your specific requirements.

Our handrail solutions are made to fit into each other and are especially easy to handle due to the weight of the handrail. They have excellent resistance to fatigue or impact and are corrosion, chemical & weather resistant.

Available in high visibility safety yellow handrails or steel grey handrails.

Offered with a choice of two, high-quality GRP handrail types: Round Section and Profiled Top Square Section.

Both types are available with all necessary handrail GRP fittings and fasteners for assembly and follow the same basic design principles:

In accordance with building safety standards:

Safety Standards: The Safety of Machinery – Permanent Means of Access standard states:

EN ISO 14122-3:2001 + A1:2010 Section 7.1.10: Where access through the guardrail is required, a self-closing gate shall be used. A gate shall have the handrail and knee rail positioned at the same level as that of the guard-rail that it extends to (for exit section of the ladder, see EN ISO 14122.

4). EN ISO 14122-4:2004 + A1:2010 Section To prevent falling through the access opening at arrival areas the opening shall be provided with a gate.  The gates shall meet the following requirements:

A modular handrail system can be installed in a variety of different scenarios. They are particularly suited for industrial environments.

Typical installation scenarios for composite handrail systems include:

The application of a polyurethane coating to completed assemblies in exterior environments will reduce long-term colour fade.

The rail is manufactured from polyester resin by a process of pultrusion with a surface veil. The associated GRP handrail fittings are made by casting.

Our industrial handrail solutions carry a design life in excess of 20 years. GRP materials have been used successfully in building and constructions for 30+ years, with no discernable degradation in performance.

WHY EVERGRIP GRP Handrails Systems?

  • Strong and durable – load tested for safety
  • Non corroding – no issues with rust, virtually maintenance free, low life-cycle costs
  • High Impact Resistance
  • UV resistant – maintains structural integrity after long service
  • Fire retardant – test results available. Please contact us for further information.
  • Chemical resistant – resists a wide variety of chemicals, suits most environments
  • Low electrical and thermal conductivity – ideal near electrical installations or in extreme cold
  • Light weight – reduced transport costs and load on existing structures
  • Easy handling, fabrication and assembly – no welding, TCT tools for cutting

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GRP Handrails Systems PRODUCTS

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GRP Industrial Handrail Round Section

Premium quality industrial handrail system in a round profile.

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GRP Industrial Handrail Square Section

Premium quality handrail system in a square profile.

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