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GRP Handrail & Guardrail Systems

A choice of round tube modular or bespoke-made industrial GRP Handrail & Guardrail Systems. Durable, cost-effective and maintenance free.

Suitable for industrial and commercial environments, fibreglass handrails are commonly used for stairways, walkway & platform handrails and for guarding around machinery. The provision of a mid (knee) rail and kick or toe plate offers a full guardrail configuration. The systems are designed to comply with relevant standards and provide a versatile, cost-effective alternative to metal rails.

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About GRP Handrails

Evergrip fibreglass handrails are a cost effective and long lasting alternative to metal rails. They are electrically non-conductive, ergonomic (warm to touch) and can be specially built and installed to meet your specific requirements.

They have excellent resistance to fatigue or impact and are corrosion, chemical & weather resistant.

Available in high visibility a safety yellow (RAL 1023) or steel grey (RAL 7045) colours with a full range of fittings available for the modular range.

Offered with a choice of two, high-quality GRP handrail types:  Modular Round Section  system or Profiled Top Square Section

We supply all the necessary fittings and fasteners for assembly / installation and can offer engineering confirmation / drawings and fabrication as additional services.

The basic design principles for guardrails:

In accordance with general building standards:

Design Standards:

The Safety of Machinery – Permanent Means of Access to machinery. Part 3: Stairways, stepladders & guardrails EN ISO 14122-3

BS 6399-1 Loading for buildings – Part 1: Code of practice for dead & imposed loads

BS 6180 Barriers in and about buildings – code of practice

A modular handrail system can be installed in a variety of different scenarios. They are particularly suited for industrial environments.

Typical installation scenarios for composite handrail systems might include:

The fibreglass rail profiles are manufactured from polyester resin and glass filaments by a process of pultrusion with a surface veil. The associated GRP fittings are made by casting.

The optional application of a clear polyurethane coating or UV wax to completed assemblies when in exterior environments, will assist in reducing any long-term colour fade.

GRP materials have been used successfully in building and construction for 40+ years, with no discernible degradation in performance.

WHY EVERGRIP GRP Handrail & Guardrail Systems?

  • Strong and durable – load tested for safety
  • Non corroding – no issues with rust, virtually maintenance free, low life-cycle costs
  • Impact resistant
  • UV resistant – maintains structural integrity after long service
  • Fire retardant – test results available. Please contact us for further information.
  • Chemical resistant – resists a wide variety of chemicals, suitable for many environments
  • Low electrical and thermal conductivity – ideal near electrical installations or in extreme cold
  • Light weight – reduced transport costs and load on existing structures
  • Easy handling, fabrication and assembly – no welding, TCT tools for cutting

Contact us for further information, general guidance and any specific requirements you are considering.

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GRP Handrail & Guardrail Systems PRODUCTS

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GRP Industrial Handrail Square Section

Premium quality handrail system in a square profile.

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GRP Modular Handrail – Round Section

Premium quality industrial handrail system in a round profile.

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