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Flex Impact

Flex Impact offer a complete range of advanced flexible barrier products suitable for all industrial and commercial environments.  A wide variety of applications include the segregation of pedestrians, vehicular traffic and the protection of storage or machinery assets from accidental impact damage.

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An extremely tough, multi-product, flexible barrier system offering all-around protection of people & assets.

Component parts are manufactured from a highly durable synthetic polymer derivative. The material has great resilience, yet is elastic in nature and absorbs the energy from impacts, before returning to its original form. These properties make it an ideal, low maintenance choice; offering significant cost savings over metal or wooden barriers.

Flex Impact will never need painting as the colour is throughout the product and it’s also easy to clean. Should significant damage ever occur to any components, modular construction allows for quick, easy and low-cost repairs. The system is designed to be highly visible and is impervious to most environmental conditions making it suitable for use both in and around the workplace.

The Flex Impact range of products have been developed to comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.

The unique (patented) Boplan locking system device is utilised in Handrail and Handrail Plus products. This means there are no nuts, bolts, screws, brackets or welding used in assembly, keeping the finished barrier free from sharp edges & projections,  minimising the risk of contact injury for users.

Typical installation scenarios include demarcation of pedestrian walkways, protection of door entrances/exits from vehicular damage, protection of racking systems from lift trucks and restriction of access to areas with sensitive machinery.


  • Rapid and easy installation, reduced disruption & costs
  • Maximum protection
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • No screws or welding needed for assembly
  • Easily repairable
  • Little or no maintenance, no painting
  • Highly durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Long lifetime
  • 100% recyclable
  • Certified to BS EN 14122-3

*Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply, please contact us for further information.


Flex Impact PRODUCTS

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Flex Impact Bollard

The Bollard range has been designed to protect doors, gates and entranceways from the increasing impact forces of a collision and also to prevent or restrict damage to any vehicle involved.

Flex Impact Column Protection

The Column Protection range is designed to encase steel and concrete structural column elements at ground level in buildings where lift trucks and other vehicular traffic may present a hazard.

Flex Impact Goal Post

The Goal Post product is a height and width restrictor designed to prevent access through doors, gates, entranceways and passages to oversized vehicles.

Flex Impact Hand Rail Light and Hand Rail Mezza

The Hand Rail Light & Hand Rail Mezza are based on the highly successful and proven design of the 3 rail Hand Rail Plus. Utilising a smaller post section and 2 rails instead of 3, Light and Mezza provide a low cost system for use where a physical barrier is required for segregation, access prevention or for fall and edge hazard protection.

Flex Impact Hand Rail Plus

Hand Rail Plus is a 3 rail system offering a higher level of protection against all types of impact. Utilising a larger post section than the basic Hand rail products, it provides provides a low cost system for use where a physical barrier is required for pedestrian segregation, access prevention or for fall & edge hazard protection.

Flex Impact Rack End Protection

The Rack End Protector is designed to provide effective impact protection for the ends of racking systems used in the warehouse, distribution and logistic industries.

Flex Impact Swing Gate and Sliding Gate

The Swing Gate and Sliding Gate are designed to be compatible with the Handrail product range and allow controlled access/egress into and out from a designated walkway.

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier

The Traffic Barrier range is designed to protect machinery, materials, equipment and building structures where lift trucks and other vehicular traffic is present.

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier Mini

The Traffic Barrier Mini is designed to protect machinery, materials, equipment, racking, walls and building structures from light vehicular traffic and electric or hand operated lifting aids such as pallet pump trucks, trolleys, sack carts and so on.

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier Plus

Traffic Barrier Plus is designed to protect machinery, materials, equipment and building structures where lift trucks and other vehicle traffic is present.

Flex Impact Wall Corner Protector

The Wall Corner Protector is designed to offer concrete and masonry door apertures and exposed wall edges effective shielding against passing knocks and scrapes from lift trucks or other vehicular traffic.

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