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Stick On Tactile Paving

Our surface mounted tactile paving tile systems provide a fast, easy and economical solution while complying with strict government guidance.

Tactile paving provides guidance and warning for visually impaired pedestrians. Our cost-effective GRP and resin/stone composite tactile paving has been designed to meet all relevant government guidance on the use of tactile paving contained in the document ‘Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces’. Not only are we trusted suppliers of cost-effective adhesive stick on tactiles, we also provide an installation service across the UK. 

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The Department of Transport places requirements on local authorities and duty holders to provide effective tactile paving. The guidance and warning that this provides for visually impaired pedestrians is vital for their safety.  

Surface mounted tactile paving systems offer many advantages over traditionally used concrete materials. Not only do they provide greater longevity, the cost of installation is also lower. 

With no excavation required, the installation of surface bonded tactile paving tiles takes a fraction of the time it would take to lay concrete pavers. Tests have also shown that composite tactile paving tiles are significantly harder wearing. They are, in fact, up to seven times more durable. Unlike concrete pavers, adhesive tactile paving tiles are not subject to freeze-thaw fracturing and spalling. 

Our surface mounted tactile paving is constructed from the optimum materials for the job. The full range of self-adhesive tactile tiles we offer is manufactured from a polyurethane resin and stone composite (incorporating recycled material). Blister Platform Edge Off-Street and Corduroy tactiles are also available in corrosion resistant GRP, incorporating a coating of refined aluminium oxide granules. 

Both types of tactile paving offer extreme durability and low potential for slips under both dry and wet conditions. 

Tactile Paving Adhesive

Tactile paving tiles must be installed in public areas where visually impaired persons could meet a hazard, such as: 

    • At pedestrian road crossings 
    • Near building entrances 
    • At the top and bottom of a staircase and ramps 
    • Beside railway or light rail transit (LRT) platform edges 
    • When a footpath becomes a shared route with a cycleway 
Blister Platform Tactile Paving
    • Rapid installation, reduced disruption and labour costs 
    • No excavation is required for stick on tactile paving so there’s no disposal expenses 
    • Tactile paving tiles are light in weight and are easy to handle and cut with no hot works required 
    • No requirement for plant machinery and associated access issues and expense 
    • Surface mounted tactile paving is harder wearing than concrete alternatives 
    • Resin/stone tiles are designed to be malleable, allowing for thermal expansion and slight variations in surface level, so when correctly installed, they will not crack like concrete or create a trip hazard 
    • High slip resistance in dry or wet conditions 
    • Freeze-thaw proven 
    • All tactile paving tiles are UV tested with no colour fade 
    • Fast curing colour matched adhesives, with surfaces ready to use within as little as 2 hours 
    • Can be installed even in damp conditions using the moisture tolerant epoxy adhesive 
    • Adheres to all standard paving surfaces 
Tactile Paving

We offer a full range of tactile paving tiles in the colours specified as appropriate by the Department for Transport document ‘Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces’.  Some product types offer a choice of red, yellow, charcoal and grey. The only colour that should be selected is that which suits the installation application.

Learn more with our complete guide

Our tactile paving installation can cater to all hazard warning requirements including: 

    • Blister Paving Pedestrian Crossing (Highway) 
    • Blister Paving Platform Edge Off-Street (Rail) 
    • Lozenge Platform Edge On-Street (LRT) 
    • Corduroy Hazard Warning 
    • Guidance Path 
    • Segregated Shared Cycle Track/Footway 
    • Adhesives – Colour Matched Epoxy 

View and download all product specification sheets.

They are also compliant with the Equality Act 2010. 

Stick On Tactile Paving Installed In A Train Station

Site surveys: We can offer advice, insight and free quotations through in-person site surveys or via supplied drawings/media. 

Design drawing and 3D rendering: We can help you visualise your concepts through 3D rendered CAD models. 

Engineering and standards verification: Amongst others, we have worked with Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Infrastructure Management and Exova (Element Group) to provide independently verified conformance to BS and EN tests. 

Installations team: Our fully trained team can install our products throughout the UK. 

GRP Anti Slip and Tactile Paving Installation

Our Tactile Paving Products

Why Choose Evergrip?

  • Experience working with many high-profile national contractors in most of the major market sectors 
  • QSHE Manager within the company running integrated management systems for Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Environment 
  • Based in the UK 
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture, importation, fabrication and installation of composite products 

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