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Types of GRP Grating

GRP gratings are suitable for a variety of applications and are a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to steel grating. Choose between grating size, resin and surface type to find the right GRP grating for your project.

Types of Evergrip GRP Grating


Types of Moulded Fibreglass Grating

Open mesh – concave surface

Open grid GRP flooring is a long lasting, durable alternative to steel grid floors. The concave surface grating type has excellent compressive and tensile strength, making it perfect for industrial and commercial environments. 

Open Mesh - Concave Surface GRP Grating

Open mesh – gritted surface

The gritted surface non-slip grating is suitable for both interior and exterior installations.  A combination of high impact resistance and grit coated surface makes it a durable, cost-effective replacement for metal gratings panels.  Relative light weight and the ability to simply cut on-site makes for an easy and rapid installation. 

Open Mesh - Gritted Surface GRP Grating

Covered (solid) top – GRP gritted surface

Covered or Solid top gritted GRP grating panels have an additional 3mm thick GRP covering board laminated to the top surface. This board forms an even stronger overall structure and makes this grating an ideal GRP walkway decking solution. 

Covered Top Gritted Surface GRP Grating


Micromesh GRP grating flooring has reduced openings which prevent small objects from passing through the mesh.  In addition, the closer spacing of the mesh bars allows for the smooth movement of trolleys and wheelchairs. 

Micromesh GRP Grating

Conductive top

Conductive top GRP grating is specially formulated with a carbon black surface. This surface, when electrically grounded, will eliminate any build-up of hazardous static electrical charges.

Conductive Top GRP Grating


The use of clear resin types during manufacture offers a degree of translucence to the finished product and an overall aesthetic appeal, not normally identified with an industrial grating.  This makes them ideal for incorporating into architect designed or corporate spaces, adding a pleasing tint of colour. 

Translucent GRP Grating

Resin specifications and dimensions

Chemical – Resin type options:

Dimensional – Size options

Types of Pultruded GRP Grating

Pultruded GRP gratings are assembled from GRP bearer bars (either I or T section) and transversely linked with cross-rod sections to specified spacing, giving an open surface range from 33%-60%.

The bearer bars are formed from densely packed continuous fibreglass rovings, combined with a multi-directional glass mat reinforcement and wrapped in a surface veil of resin.  During the pultrusion process, the fibres are drawn through a bath of resin and into a die under high temperature & pressure. This forms the cured, finished section which is cut to the required lengths.

The core of continuous glass rovings provides the bar with high longitudinal strength and stiffness, while the glass mat reinforcement gives transverse strength and resists chips, cracks and fractures. The surface veil finish offers protection against corrosion & UV light degradation.

Pultruded GRP grating systems are proven to withstand the effects of harsh environmental conditions including chemical corrosion and are impact resistant and flame retardant. 

Pultruded Grating is available in the following types:

Open structure

The pultruded open GRP grating is lighter in weight than equivalent steel products and is ideal for both interior and exterior installations. We offer a choice of spacing between the bearer bars and each GRP flooring panel can be manufactured, or cut, to your exact size requirements. 

Open Structure Pultruded GRP Grating

Open structure gritted surface

The gritted pultruded GRP grating has a high load-bearing capacity and is ideally suited to installations with greater unsupported spans, even able to support light vehicular traffic.  This option comes with the added advantage of a super durable non-slip top surface. 

Open Structure Pultruded GRP Grating (Gritted Surface)

Covered (solid top) and gritted

Covered, or solid top, pultruded grating has an additional 3mm thick GRP covering board laminated to the top surface to form a strong load-bearing GRP walkway product. Refined aluminium oxide granules offer a highly durable non-slip surface. 

Covered Gritted Top Pultruded GRP Grating

Resin specifications and dimensions

Chemical – Resin type options:

Dimensional – Size options

Evergrip holds good stocks of GRP grating systems in the UK, with a much wider range of factory options available.  Get in touch to discuss your project with our team. We have over 20 years’ experience manufacturing and installing GRP products, and have the knowledge and insight needed to help you complete your project.  

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