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GRP Grating Systems

High strength, durable and lightweight industrial GRP grating provides maintenance-free reliability in all environments.

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High strength, durable and lightweight industrial gratings; providing maintenance free reliability in all environments.

Glass reinforced polymer (GRP) gratings offer an attractive combination of mechanical & physical properties and are a proven, ideal replacement for steel & aluminium gratings. They are available in a wide variety of structural, chemical & dimensional variants making them suitable for installations in all industrial & commercial environments.

All types exhibit key product features & benefits:

GRP Gratings are produced by two distinct manufacturing processes to offer either Moulded or Pultruded variants. Both types are composite products and combine fibreglass strands with thermosetting resins to form extremely strong panel structures. These two complimentary materials give GRP gratings excellent compressive and tensile strength.

Typical installation scenarios include:

MOULDED GRP gratings combine fibreglass rovings with a choice of thermosetting  resins to form an extremely strong one piece panel.

GRP gratings are proven to withstand the effects of chemical corrosion and are impact resistant and flame retardant.  A comprehensive range of sizes, mesh type & surface finishes are available.

Moulded GRP grating is available in the following types:

Chemical – resin type options:

Dimensional – Options

PULTRUDED gratings are assembled from GRP bearer bars (either I or T section) and transversely linked with cross-rod sections to specified spacings, giving an open surface range from 33%-60%.

The bearer bars are formed from densely packed continuous fibreglass rovings, combined with a multi-directional glass mat reinforcement and wrapped in a surface veil of resin.  During the pultrusion process, the fibres are drawn through a bath of resin and into a die under high temperature & pressure. This forms the cured, finished section which is cut to the required lengths.

The core of continuous glass rovings provide the bar with high longitudinal strength and stiffness, while the glass mat reinforcement gives transverse strength and resists chips, cracks and fractures. The surface veil finish offers protection against corrosion & UV light degradation.

GRP gratings are proven to withstand the effects of chemical corrosion and are impact resistant and flame retardant.

Pultruded GRP Grating is available in the following types:

Chemical – Resin type options:

Dimensional – Options

A choice of panel dimensions is available to order with heights from 25mm to 50mm and maximum finished size of 6100mm x 1220 mm.

WHY EVERGRIP GRP Grating Systems?

  • Cost-effective replacement for metal grating
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Little or no maintenance requirement
  • Suitable for all environments, exterior or interior
  • Fire retardant tested to ASTM E84, D635 & EN13501-1:2007
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant (full details available), maintenance free, low life-cycle costs
  • High Impact resistance – maintains look
  • Relative light weight makes for easy transport and handling and reduced load on existing structures
  • Rapid, easy installation with a wide choice of fasteners to suit all on-site conditions, no need for welding
  • Low electrical & thermal conductivity – ideal near electrical installations
  • Full range RAL and BS colours available to order*
  • Free cutting service*

*Subject to order type and size

Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply, please contact us for further information.


GRP Grating Systems PRODUCTS

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Conductive & Translucent Grating

The innovative use of resin types in the manufacture of composites can lend special properties to the finished product.

GRP Covered & Gritted Grating

Covered, solid top panels have an additional 3mm thick GRP covering board laminated onto the top surface of the grating to form a strong and solid walkway product.

GRP Moulded Micromesh Grating

Micromesh has reduced size openings compared to regular square mesh grating.

Moulded Concave GRP Grating

Concave grating has a concave surface on each of the panel mesh bars providing a degree of slip resistance.

Moulded GRP Anti-Slip Gritted Grating

A coating of refined aluminium oxide provides increased anti-slip properties.

Pultruded GRP Covered and Gritted Grating

Covered, solid top gratings have a GRP covering board laminated onto the top surface of the bearer bars to form a strong solid walkway product.

Pultruded GRP Open Grating

The process of pultrusion creates extremely strong and corrosion resistant grating.

Pultruded Open Gritted Grating

A coating of refined aluminium oxide provides increased anti-slip properties.

Screwjack Pedestal – Moulded Grating Pedestal Support System

Where an installation of moulded grating panels needs to be elevated from the ground level, this high quality and versatile Pedestal Support System is available to offer a load bearing and permanent solution.

Service Risers

Evergrip premium quality Service Risers are made to order and benefit from rapid, fuss-free installation.

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