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Screwjack Pedestal – Moulded Grating Pedestal Support System

A screwjack mechanism with integrated spacer tabs allows for vertical adjustment to provide a level platform installation surface raised up from heights of 17mm to 1070mm, with millimetre accuracy. Pedestals may also incorporate unique slope adjusters to take care of any issues with uneven surfaces.


  • Manufactured from injection moulded high-density polypropylene.
  • Load bearing capacity of 1000kg.
  • Footprint 320 cm².


  • Slope correction
  • Superior drainage
  • Precise adjustment
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Benefits Icon Benefits
  • Slope correction – integrated slope corrector on many models to compensate for slopes up to 5%
  • Superior drainage – design ensures desired drainage objectives are met. Immediate drainage eliminates the
    requirement to slope the finished surface or to include grills or drains. The pedestal system allows for better drainage below the surface resulting in a longer lifespan for any waterproofing material.
  • Precise adjustment – pedestals range in height from 17mm to 1070mm. For heights over 35mm, the patented design allows precise vertical screw adjustment.
  • Precise spacing – tabs are available in 2mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 10mm to allow the perfect spacing between panels for a precise finish
  • Versatility – pedestals support grating panel structures over almost any substrate. They may be used over any structural surface on rooftops, balconies and terraces.
  • Durability, stability and strength – high density polypropylene, the pedestals have a 200mm diameter footprint with a surface area of 320 cm² for stability and strength. An automatic locking mechanism prevents over extension
    ensuring maximum in-service strength. Impervious to water, mould and freeze-thaw cycles. Each pedestal can support loads of over 1000kg.
  • Access for maintenance, cabling, lighting and pipework – services e.g. gas, electricity, heating can all run in the void between the grating panels and the ground surface. Easy access by lifting panels as necessary.
  • Easy and quick to use – the simplicity of the system means that projects can be completed extremely quickly with no excavation or relaying of surfaces offering the advantages of reduced wastage and costs
  • Safe for rooftops – pedestals may sit directly over roofing membranes without attachment or need to pierce the waterproof membrane. Pedestals elevate the surface and allow water to drain normally.
  • Optimisation of space – pedestals can cover pipework, drainage channels, air conditioning vents, etc. maximising formerly unusable areas by offering a new platform space
Specifications Icon Specification

Manufactured From:

  • Injection moulded high-density polypropylene

Load bearing Capacity:

  • 1000kg


  • 320 cm²
Options Icon Options


  • Black


  • Fixed range (optional slope corrector):
    17mm | 28mm
  • Adjustable range (optional slope corrector):
    18-38mm | 25-36mm | 35-53mm | 50-78mm
  • Adjustable range (integrated slope corrector):
    22-79mm | 77-108mm | 100-175mm | 175-285mm | 285-400mm | 355-515mm | 465-625mm | 545-740mm | 645-850mm | 720-960mm | 830-1070mm

Additional Options:

  • Spacer tabs
  • Rubber shims

Full specifications and performance data for this product range are available.  Please contact us for further information.

Description Icon Description

Where installation of moulded grating panels needs to be elevated from the ground level, high quality and versatile Pedestal Support System is available to offer a load bearing and permanent solution.

The acquisition of new working spaces or access routes is one of the many benefits of the system. Valuable spaces may be reclaimed from areas formerly unused by the addition of a raised platform surface above pipes, channels or other obstructions.

Fully adjustable

A screwjack mechanism with integrated spacer tabs allows for vertical adjustment to provide a level platform
installation surface raised up from heights of 17mm to 620mm, with millimetre accuracy. Pedestals may also
incorporate unique slope adjusters to take care of any issues with uneven surfaces.


Also providing uniform joints between adjoining grating panels, the head of the pedestal incorporates four spacer
tabs. These ensure desired drainage objectives are met in exterior or wash-down locations, without the need for
sloping designs or added drains/grills.


Manufactured by injection moulding to form a tough, waterproof, highly durable and impact resistant product

Download Icon Downloads

Product Data

Download a PDF containing more information about this product here.


Product Specification

Download the full specification for this product here.

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