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GRP Removable Handrail System

Provision of a removable, non-conductive handrail system for safe access of personnel at the Railway Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot, London.


Design, fabrication and supply of a bespoke Round Tubular GRP Handrail system.  This comprised of small demountable/removable sections in different sizes that interfaced with fixed galvanized steel work.


Transport - Railways

Product Types

GRP Round Tubular Handrail System

Non-conductive fibreglass

7 kilometres of GRP tubing produced

Removable sections

Removal GRP handrail system at railway rolling stock depot


The requirement was to construct a guard rail system for this large, newly built maintenance depot. The system comprised of individual removable sections of varying sizes which mounted onto fixed steel posts, facilitating access to the train vehicles at any position.

As the track is electrically live it was determined in the design that the use of a steel handrail system would have been hazardous should any part of it fall from the platform. The fibreglass system was chosen due to its non-conductive characteristics, strength, light weight and durability.

In total, approximately seven kilometres of GRP tubing was used on this project with 75% of the fabrication carried out at our factory in Selby. In order to meet tight programme schedules, the remainder was fabricated in workshops close to the construction site.

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