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Five Reasons To Use GRP

Here are our top five reasons to use GRP as an alternative to other widely available supplies.


As GRP for safe access specialists, we know first hand how versatile and adaptable Glass Reinforced Plastic is. It can be beneficial and provide efficiencies in countless applications, want to know more? Here are five key characteristics that make it so very special!



Product Types

GRP Structures, GRP Gratings, GRP Anti-Slip Flooring, GRP Tactile Paving, Handrail Systems, Industrial Safety Gates, Railway Systems, Flexible Barrier Systems


In no particular order, here are our top five reasons to use Evergrip GRP;

1. Maintenance Free

Once installed, GRP can be left alone without worry! It will not require any painting or treatment and therefore saves on any maintenance costs in the long term.

2. Lightweight

In comparison with traditional materials, GRP is light in weight – making handling much simpler. With the exception of large fabrications, partial or even fully constructed assemblies can be positioned on site easily, without the need for special heavy lifting equipment and often, by hand. On remote or restricted access sites, this can offer considerable savings in time & cost efficiencies and helps to streamline logistics.

3. Fast Installation Times

Our products are quick to install, from our tactile paving that can be mounted to the surface of the pavement to our GRP structures that can be prefabricated. There is minimal downtime and therefore less disruption to business, services or the general public.

4. Non-Conductive

Great for safe use near electrical installations, we supply a variety of GRP products ideal for use in the rail industry and also GRP service risers.

5. Zero Scrap Value

Metal is often targeted by thieves due to its high scrap value, which can cause ongoing and expensive problems. GRP is a great alternative with many other great benefits and none of the worry of theft.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is a versatile material that can be used in countless applications, Evergrip specialise in GRP products for safe access, we have all the insight and support you need to complete your project. We’re an approachable bunch with over 20 years’ experience of the manufacture, importation, fabrication and installation of composite products. To start your project today, call our team on 01757 212744.

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