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Pultruded GRP Sections

GRP structural sections are perfectly suited to both interior and exterior applications for your project. They are also the ideal solution for more aggressive environments where surfaces are exposed to industrial chemicals or maritime locations with salty air. GRP pultruded sections are corrosion-resistant, highly durable and offer a great alternative to materials such as metals or wood. We offer a wide range of structural profiles, including GRP beams, angles and box sections.


  • A process of pultrusion using glass reinforcements and thermosetting resins
  • Bespoke sized pultruded sections available to order
  • Materials in accordance with EN 13706 E23 or E17


  • Available in steel grey or high visibility safety yellow
  • GRP sections are long-lasting and durable
  • Suitable for most environments, exterior or interior
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Benefits Icon Benefits
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant with little or no maintenance (full details available)
  • All of our GRP structural sections conform to EN 13706 E23 or E17
  • Available to order in steel grey or high visibility safety yellow
  • Long lasting and durable – GRP pultrusion sections have been in service for 50+ years
  • Suitable for most environments, exterior and interior
  • Fire retardant options – materials in accordance with EN 13501-1:2007
  • GRP sections are impact resistant but also easy to replace if damaged
  • Relative light weight makes for easy transport, handling and reduced load on existing structures
  • Rapid and simple fabrication – no welding required on site. Plus, we offer a range of suitable fasteners for all scenarios
  • Extremely low electrical conductivity, which makes this material ideal for use near electrical installations
  • Low thermal conductivity makes GRP structures good for use in extreme cold
  • Easily cleanable (using mild detergent)
  • Paintable – add colour using ultra durable coatings
  • Rapid delivery times on ex-stock items: typically 5 days for standard items
  • Fabrication and installation service is available
Specifications Icon Specification

GRP Section Types:

  • Angle
  • Square box
  • Channel section
  • Flat plate
  • I-Beam
  • Wide Flange Beam
  • Round Tube
  • Plank
  • Handrail
  • Ladder Rung

Resin Types:

Isophthalic Polyester (fire retardant or general purpose)

High Flame Resistant Vinylester

Profiles are Manufactured & Tested in Accordance with:

  • ISO9001:2008
  • EN13706 E23 or E17
  • EN 13501-1:2007

EN 13706 is a European standard valid for GRP pultruded sections for construction purposes. These are defined according to the standard as “where the load-bearing characteristic is the major criterion of design and where the product is part of a load-bearing system”.

The standard specifies the minimum requirements for the quality and tolerances, as well as the strength and stiffness ratios of the GRP structural sections.

Options Icon Options


  • Steel Grey (standard stock)
  • Safety Yellow (to order)

To Order:

  • Other resin types and any RAL colour*

Section Dimensions:

  • Stocked lengths: 6000 mm (in all instances)
  • Other sizes: cut down to order

Additional Options:

  • Cut to size prior to delivery
  • Full or partial fabrication prior to delivery
  • Full range of fasteners

Specifications and performance data for this product range are available upon request.
*Note: minimum order quantities & lead times may apply. Please contact us for further information.

Description Icon Description

GRP sections are perfectly suited to constructions in an interior, exterior or harsh environment. Whilst industrial chemicals may quickly corrode alternative structures made of materials such as metal, GRP sections can be designed to resist such conditions.

Commonly incorporated into new build and refurbishment designs alike, they have proven track record of in-service performance for more than 50 years.

Typical requirements for pultruded sections include GRP structural beams, GRP angles or GRP box sections. A list of our range of structural profiles is provided above but we do offer more bespoke types, including different resin or reinforcement types. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a special project in more detail.

All of our stocked GRP sections are produced by the process of pultrusion. This combines glass fibre reinforcements and thermosetting isophthalic polyester resins with an applied surface veil.

Depending upon thickness, each of our pultruded sections are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the relevant EN 13706 E23 or E17 standards.

All profiles are available in standard lengths of 6m with other lengths, resins or colours available (subject to minimum order quantities). You can order your GRP structural sections in standard steel grey colour (or high visibility safety yellow to order). GRP pultrusions provide all the advantages of lightweight, high strength and durability. Plus, they offer a corrosion resistant, non-conductive, fire retardant and virtually maintenance free life.

The resultant structures can provide enhanced safety access for workers or load bearing supports with greatly reduced overall weight. They are used in a wide variety of exposed locations in all industrial and commercial environments. Common settings for our GRP sections include water treatment works, marine and railway access walkways and in manufacturing facilities.

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Product Specification

Download the full specification for this product here.

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