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GRP Mammal Ledges

In partnership with the Staffordshire Alliance, our GRP mammal ledges are part of the West Coast Mainline upgrade.

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Whitby Bridge

A package of renewal, renovation works for end of life wooden structures and surfaces using GRP gratings and hand rails.

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Meadowhall Raceway

In partnership with Laing O-Rourke, our rooftop GRP raceway provides a tailored solution.

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GRP Service Covers

Our GRP Grating with a solid top provides lightweight and salt-water resistant service covers at an exclusive yachting marina.

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GRP Mammal Ledges
Whitby Bridge
Meadowhall Raceway
GRP Service Covers

Evergrip specialise in GRP products for safe access, we have all the insight and support you need to complete your project.


We manufacture, import and install anti-slip surfaces, safe access systems, GRP Gratings, GRP Handrails and other GRP related products for workplaces and public areas.

Our products are principally made from high-quality composite materials offering maximum performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

We add further value through design and consultancy services and have a reputation for working closely with our clients to overcome problems.

Helping all industry sectors to improve their safety has been our mission since the company’s formation in 2001.


As GRP Specialists, Our Mission Statement is:


– To offer high quality, innovative and cost-effective safety solutions that minimise the risk of accidents.

– To form long term working relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, cooperation and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

– To grow our business by reputation and assist those with responsibility for compliance, in maintaining the safety of those under their care.


You can find out more about us and the way we work on our about us page.


About Us

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We provide all the insight, information and peripheral services needed to complete your project including site surveys, technical advice & information, design drawings & aftercare. We have a highly skilled installations team to complete or advise on installations.

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Our products are principally made from high quality composite materials offering maximum performance, durability and cost effectiveness.

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Evergrip Limited

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YO8 4BG United Kingdom

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