Five Reasons To Use GRP

Five GRP Benefits

As GRP for safe access specialists, we know first hand how versatile and adaptable Glass Reinforced Plastic is. It can be beneficial and provide efficiencies in countless applications, want to know more? Here are five key characteristics that make it so very special!

GRP Service Risers

Service Risers In London

We worked in partnership with main contractor Mace, to supply our GRP grating service risers for the new UK Qatar Airways head office.

Embankment Staircases

Embankment Staircases For Safe Access

Our prefabricated embankment steps and staircases are the ideal, rapid fit permanent solution for maintenance access on hills, mounds and embankments. Made from GRP beams and GRP grating, they’re lightweight, anti-slip and long-lasting.

GRP Mammal Ledges

Mammal Ledges

Meeting sensitive environmental requirements, mammal boards allow wild animals, to safely commute under bridges. GRP is the perfect material in damp environments to provide a long lasting, maintenance-free solution.

GRP Service Covers

Greece GRP Service Covers Flisvos Marina

Made and installed by our sister company Evergrip Greece, these service covers are GRP solid top 50mm grating with a GRP 90-degree angle frame, internally lined with a neoprene rubber. They’re a replacement for old metal covers which had started to rust.

Shipley Station

GRP Rail Station Solution Shipley Station

Solving Network Rail’s requirement for larger platforms at stations that simply don’t have space.  We fabricated and installed a twenty-five-metre extension of Platform 3 at Shipley Station, West Yorkshire, to enable an extra carriage to be added to train services. The extension utilised space on a bridge, crossing a river and a road. The relatively lightweight properties of GRP, in comparison to traditional materials, provided an excellent solution.

Whitby Bridge

Grating Installation at Whitby Bridge

A package of renewal, renovation works for end of life wooden structures and surfaces using GRP gratings and handrails.

Yorkshire Schools

Yorkshire Schools GRP Fencing

Access ladders, stepovers, privacy screens and plant screen cladding to protect and gain access to rooftop services. When services are located externally, internal space within the school buildings can be maximised. The project covers seven secondary schools in North and West Yorkshire.